Tyler Traband

Tyler Traband is a multi-instrumentalist, film & TV composer and singer/
songwriter. His music can be heard underscoring riveting documentaries,
adventure films and some of the most iconic commercials to date. His music
spans genres, while maintaining the real emotional consistency of a writer with a
strong hand reminiscent of a forgotten era in making music.
International audiences will soon be able to hear Tyler’s music in the IMAX film
“Chasing Ghost Particle: From the South Pole to the Edge of the Universe”. Set
deep in the ice at the heart of Antarctica, the film explains the science of
Neutrinos: tiny, elusive particles used to explore the insides of exploding stars,
black holes and the very nature of our universe.
In the world of advertising, Tyler has written and performed music for top brands
including: Citgo, Bon-Ton, Coca-Cola, Masterlock, Scheels, Milwaukee Brewers,
Milwaukee Public Television, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Simplicity, Kohler,
Buell Motorcycles–a division of Harley Davidson, MTV, and many more. He has
been trusted time and again with large budgets and is always ready for a new

Tyler recently released his sixth album, “Love Songs Hate
Songs”. The 14-track album was recorded, engineered and produced
by Tyler at his state of the art studio, and showcases his depth as a
writer and performer. The album is reminiscent of live recordings by
Stevie Wonder, Sting, and Peter Gabriel. His band has performed
across the Midwest over the last ten years, and has been featured at
Summerfest, Chicago’s infamous Elbow Room and Midpoint
International Music Festival. His songs are available for streaming
on Spotify, and his latest three releases are internationally available
on iTunes and Amazon as well as other online retailers. He has been
nominated for 17 Wisconsin Area Music Industry Awards, receiving
his ninth nod in 2013 for the best keyboardist in the state.
Organic sounds, real musicians, and real instruments inspire Tyler’s
music. He strives to include a human element in all of his work,
performing as much as he can to ensure an emotional connection is
translated to the listener. He utilizes every tool available to him to
best serve the picture, always striving to imbue his work with
Although he formally trained, Tyler’s musical education came
primarily by performing constantly and by writing original music,
whether for his albums, or for TV and Radio. His father, an
accomplished reed player, introduced him to music at a very young
age. Seminal influences include the work of Carl Stalling, Mozart,
Alexandre Desplat, Hans Zimmer, Vince Guaraldi, Peter Gabriel,
Beatles, U2, Stevie Wonder and the scores to “Star Wars”, “The
Incredibles”, “Chariots of Fire”, and “Harold and Maude”.
When not writing music and performing, Tyler enjoys spending time
with his family and exploring the world through astronomy,
paleontology, fly fishing and the natural world.

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