Kim Kluge

Maestro Kluge brings an epic sense of drama to all of his music– from the music he composes in his studio with his wife Kathryn, to the podium where he electrifies audiences.
The husband and wife team compose for film and live performance. They have just completed scoring Martin Scorsese’s latest feature film, Silence.
They have written for music icons ranging from jazz legend, Branford Marsalis to classical virtuoso, Midori.
A recording of their new American Concerto for Piano & Orchestra is slated to be released in January 2017.
Maestro Kluge’s creative work derives from his passion and conviction that people of different backgrounds can share the essence of their humanity through artistic expression. The common denominator in all Kim Allen Kluge’s work is his desire to reach audiences in a visceral and thought-provoking manner, often through the juxtaposition of disparate styles or genres.
The Kluges work from their Los Angeles studio.

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