Joel Goodman

Emmy Award-winning composer Joel Goodman creates music for narrative feature films, documentaries, television, album releases and other forms of collaborative media. Joel has scored over 125 films and television programs that have received 5 Oscar nominations, 20 Emmy awards and over 30 Emmy nominations. He has scored over 40 films for HBO and composed the Main Theme for the long-running and critically acclaimed PBS series American Experience. His scores can regularly be heard in movie theaters and on television around the world.

Joel has collaborated with an impressive array of distinguished directors and producers including Neil LaBute, Albert Maysles, Kevin Spacey, Andrew Jarecki, Barbara Kopple, Wong Kar-wai, Rachel Grady, Marshall Curry, Sebastian Junger, Michael Epstein, Oren Jacoby, Irene Taylor Brodsky, and Fisher Stevens. Joel recently completed scores to: Everything Is Copy (HBO), a candid portrait of beloved author and screenwriter Nora Ephron; Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah, the Oscar-nominated documentary chronicling the making of Lanzmann’s seminal Holocaust film; and Dirty Weekend, directed by Neil LaBute and starring Matthew Broderick. A native New Yorker, Joel lives in Los Angeles, where he enjoys riding his bicycle and of course, many hours writing music.

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