Daniel Licht

Dan Licht – Composer of the Emmy Award winning show, Dexter, and hugely popular video games, Silent Hill and Dishonored, one of Daniel Licht’s first experiences as a musician resulted in him hanging out with Miles Davis and playing jazz with Don Cherry in New York City. Licht continued to develop as a musician by playing around the world. In Germany, Holland, and Northern Europe he performed and composed music for theatre and dance companies, then Licht went on to Japan and Indonesia where he participated in Gamelan orchestras on the islands of Java and Bali. These travels broadened Licht’s definition of music. You may be surprised to know that knives, duct tape, wine glasses, saws, scissors, and even human bones (!) have been used as instruments and recorded at his studio.
It was his good friend and colleague, composer Christopher Young, (Spiderman III), who beckoned Licht west. Once in Hollywood, Licht began collaborating with directors and producers on a variety of projects such as the Stephen King’s thriller, Thinner; Ben Stiller’s drama, Permanent Midnight and the Bradley Cooper comedy, Kitchen Confidential.

His irreverent combinations of musical styles soon earned him a reputation as a wholly original composer and he became the favorite of iconoclastic film-makers. Indie icon Leon Ichaso had Licht score his film Hendrix, Sundance Film Festival’s darling Gregg Araki hired him for Splendor and Academy Award winner Xavier Koller asked Licht to score Cowboy Up. Clive Barker handpicked Licht to score Hellraiser: Bloodline, and ABC selected Licht to compose music for their sleeper hit Body Of Proof. NBC requested Licht to score Deception and contribute additional music for their hit action-thriller, The Blacklist.

Most recently Licht is working with Sundance Channel on the second season of their critically acclaimed dramatic series, The Red Road, starring Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) and Martin Henderson (The Ring).


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